MAGMA, the volcanic group!


Magma founded in 1969 in Paris, France by composer-drummer-singer Christian Vander.
This group is at the origin of the musical genre called Zeuhl, mixing rock, jazz, avant-garde and choral singing.
The new updated Magma brochures revamp their appearance. Another difficult choice, but I wanted to change from the ordinary
with a group that a friend introduced me to while I was listening to Ange or CSN & Young,
and there, amazed and surprised, it is true that for a moment I didn’t really follow along anymore since
my friend started speaking in Kobaïen, a language that I still don’t master, like the others!...
What more can I say, apart from letting you discover all the vinyls of a “Small French Group”
which has been exported all over the world to the border of the Rising Sun.

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