TRUST, the rock of Nanterre


Trust is a French hard rock group, originally from the Paris region,
formed in 1977 and popularized in the early 1980s.
The group is particularly known through its title Antisocial (1980) and has played with famous Anglo-Saxon groups
like AC/DC, Iron Maiden or Anthrax. Practicing bluesy hard-rock close to AC/DC, strength and originality
of the group come from the powerful way that the singer, Bernard Bonvoisin, influenced by the English punk scene,
to express words largely inspired by politics and social criticism.
Around singer Bernard “Bernie” Bonvoisin, originally from Nanterre, and guitarist Norbert “Nono” Krief,
originally from Mureaux.Raymond Manna (bassist) and Jean-Émile Hanela (drummer) complete the original lineup.

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