NIAGARA, the Rennes sound!


In 1982, Muriel Moreno met the musician Daniel Chenevez, who played keyboards in different groups.
Together they founded L’Ombre jaune, with Moreno on vocals, Chenevez on keyboards and José Tamarin on guitar.
The trio performs in venues in the Nantes region and notably plays at the Trans Musicales.
The group was renamed Niagara in 1984, in reference to Henry Hathaway’s film with Marilyn Monroe.
At their beginning, I can’t say that I was excited by this group, although the Afro-Cuban
rhythm with a European twist was not uninteresting, but I appreciated the group more for their video clips...
and Muriel... until the day when... ... Much more rock music, more impactful lyrics, well-polished clips, in short,
a real French pop group which changed the French musical panorama.
A trip through our pages and we are plunged back into the 1980s.

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