Les Négresses Vertes, the big party


Les Négresses Vertes are a French alternative rock group created in 1987 by musicians, some of whom come from punk.
Mathias, Paulo and Gaby play in the group Les Maîtres, and Stef and Isa in the Groupe Les Ouvriers
while Noël Rota (aka Helno) develops his talents as a singer with the group Lucrate Milk then with the Béruriers Noirs.
They meet during rowdy parties in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.
Together they define a cheeky and festive style, at the confluence of Parisian (polka, waltz),
Mediterranean (flamenco, raï) and Anglo-Saxon influences.
Madonna asks them to participate in the soundtrack of the film Dick Tracy.
On January 22, 1993, singer Helno, leading figure of the group, died following a heroin overdose.
They then evolved into electronic music.


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