KIMTO or VASQUEZ, it’s like pig, everything is good!


Less du Neuf was formed in 1994 in the Val Fleury district of Meudon, in Hauts-de-Seine, by DJ Ol’ Tenzano and rappers Vasquez and Jeap12.
They made their first recording appearance in 1995, with the title J’me sens bandit taken from the maxi Prolifik/Chronowax,
and then continued with Nique le monopole of the greats alongside the Fonky Family.
In 2005, Less du Neuf returned to the helm of his label LeVal Music. The group delivers the mixtape 1995-2005 on the ground,
a retrospective of this decade which retraces the journey of the group. Another mixtape project also saw the light of day
towards the end of 2006: While there is still time. While the two rappers were considering a solo career,
they came full circle with their last album Les deux chemins in June 2008.
On October 29, 2012, Kimto Vasquez released a solo album, entitled L’ocean.

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