JACNO, the Gaul

Jacno (real name Denis Quilliard) is a French musician and singer, born July 3, 1957 and died on November 6, 2009.
He owes his stage name to his heavy consumption of cigarettes from the Gauloises brand, whose logo, a Gallic helmet,
was designed by the graphic designer Marcel Jacno.
Founder of one of the very first groups of the first wave of French punk, Stinky Toys, with Elli Medeiros in 1976.
He enjoyed solo success with an instrumental piece played on a synthesizer, Rectangle. Rectangle imposes the “Jacno sound”,
modern and crystalline, whose clarity and simplicity hit the mark in the early 1980s. If Jacno benefited little from popular success,
he nevertheless always obtained the recognition of his peers. This is evidenced by the dedications in the booklet
“with the intoxicating participation” of personalities like Jacques Higelin, Paul Personne, Gérard Blanchard, Étienne Daho and Elli Medeiros and “the magnificent participation” of artists like Helena Noguerra and Miossec, Thomas Dutronc at the guitar and Arthur H on piano.

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