Your ad 148 x 210 mm in the brochure of your choice

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Your ad 148 x 210 mm in the brochure of your choice 

The integration of your ad for a period of one month, includes:
• The establishment of the latter in the brochure of your choice, 
• The return to your site to the category of your choice 
• A permanent listing on our directory.

pleine page pub 148 x 210,
Full integration example page 148 x 210 mm 

• Your file format (allow trim) as a PDF or JPEG HD, 
• http address to your site or topic, 
• Your logo and text for directory listing, 
• Your full contact details with anyone.

Ads with pornographic and illegal products
(counterfeiting, illicit pharmaceuticals ...)
are not accepted on our website.

Read the terms and conditions of sales (Item => Client)
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